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In 2005, Quintessence launched a unique concept in journal publishing. Capitalizing on the superb training value of live-action video, the new quintessence digital journal presents advanced clinical procedures performed live by world-class clinicians. Each DVD contains 3 or 4 video segments, each on a different dental-related topic (restorative, surgical, implant, etc). Available by subscription or as a single issue, this quarterly journal offers viewers the opportunity to observe and study the ways in which experienced practitioners manage every step in real time and on actual patients. Nothing facilitates learning so well as witnessing the choices made by expert clinicians and listening as they explain the decision-making that guides them. The new qdj introduces a new era in the way advanced clinical procedures are mastered.

Contents for no. 1
  • YAG Laser Applications, by F. Schwarz
         -- 26 min
  • Tooth Preparation for Porcelain Laminate
         Veneers, by G. Gurel
         -- 45 min
  • Regenerative Therapy for Multiple Recessions,
         by B. Heinz
         -- 39 min

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  • Contents for no. 2
  • Implants for the Anterior Mandibular Region,
         by G. Horrichs
         -- 50 min
  • Sinus Bone Augmentation with PRP,
         by S. Schultze-Mosgau
         -- 30 min
  • Esthetic Periodontal Treatment with Microsurgical
         Techniques, by H. Wachtel
         -- 60 min

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  • Contents for no. 3
  • Internal Bleaching, by A. M. Kielbassa   
         -- 8 min
  • Maxillary Anterior Restorations Using a           
         Composite Layering Technique,
         by D. Dietschi
         -- 54 min
  • Rubber Dam: A Practical Exercise,
         by P. Lambrechts
         -- 15 min

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  • Contents for no. 4
  • Access Flap for Treatment of Aggressive
         Periodontitis, by F. Beck
         -- 25 min
  • Minimally Invasive Treatment of Periodontitis,
         by F. Beck
         -- 25 min
  • Surgical Treatment of Periodontitis:
         A Minimally Invasive Approach, by F. Beck
         -- 34 min

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