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The Art and Practice of Dentofacial Enhancement

Formerly World Journal of Orthodontics

Edited by
Rafi Romano, DMD, MSc (Editor-in-Chief)
Marc Bernard Ackerman, DMD, MBA (Associate Editor)

ISSN 2160-2999 (print) / ISSN 2160-3006 (online)

Author Guidelines

World Journal of Orthodontics is an interactive quarterly journal that publishes scientifically validated articles primarily of interest to the clinician. Authors are invited to submit papers on the latest and best clinical concepts and procedures, both diagnostic and therapeutic. This includes case studies that have particular clinical interest and application. Color illustrations are encouraged wherever possible. The background, statistical, and reference sections should be abbreviated as much as possible without jeopardizing the substance of the work. All submissions are rigorously peer-reviewed for scientific value and selected by the editorial board.

In addition, the Journal publishes:

  • Abstracts and reviews—These are selected under the aegis of a member of the editorial board. These succinct submissions are chosen to keep readers at the cutting edge of scientific and clinical development.
  • Invited guest editorials—These will be periodically solicited by the editors. Approval by the editorial board is required for publication.
  • Letters to the editor—Correspondence is encouraged, stimulating the exchange of information.
  • News—A separate section on symposia, conferences, and workshops will be developed to inform readers of continuing education opportunities. Because of the international nature of the WJO, orthodontic societies around the world are encouraged to submit brief announcements of professional news; ie, meetings and special events. Corresponding color photographs, when appropriate, are encouraged.

Submit one original and two copies of the manuscript and illustrations, plus one set of disk(s) to:
T.M. Graber, DMD, MSD, PhD
UIC College of Dentistry
801 South Paulina, MC842
Chicago, IL 60612-7211
E-mail: tgraber@uic.edu

Reviewing of manuscripts will normally be the editor’s prerogative, with the assistance of editorial board members and selected consultants with expertise in the field being discussed; ie, statistics, biomechanics, materia technica. The editor reserves the right of final decision. The publisher will edit accepted manuscripts to ensure conciseness, clarity, and stylistic consistency, subject to the author’s final approval.
Adherence to these guidelines is essential. If not in the required format, the manuscript will be returned to the author.

The Journal will follow as closely as possible the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (Vancouver Group) in regard to preparation of manuscripts and authorship (Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals. Ann Intern Med 1997;126:36–47).

  • Submit three typewritten copies, double-spaced on one side of the paper, with at least a 1-inch margin on all sides. Number all pages.
  • Computer-generated disk(s) must accompany each submission. If possible, illustrations should be included on a separate disk.
  • Title page. The first page should include the title of the article (descriptive but as concise as possible) and the name, degrees, title, professional affiliation, and full address of each author. Phone, fax, and e-mail address must also be provided for the corresponding author, who will be assumed to be the first-listed author unless otherwise noted. If the paper was presented before an organized group, the name of the organization, location, and date should be included.
  • Abstract. Include a maximum 200-word structured abstract (with headings Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusion).
  • Introduction. Summarize the rationale and purpose of the study, giving only pertinent references. Clearly state the working hypothesis.
  • Materials and Methods. Present materials and methods in sufficient detail to allow confirmation of the observations. Published methods should be referenced and discussed briefly.
  • Results. A concise analysis must be given and illustrated as needed. Avoid repetition wherever possible.
  • Discussion. Emphasize the new and important aspects of the study and the conclusions that follow from them. Do not repeat in detail data or other material given in the Introduction or Results section. Relate observations to other relevant studies and point out the implications of the findings and their limitations.
  • Acknowledgments. Acknowledge persons who have made substantive contributions to the presentation. Specify grant or other financial support, citing the name of the supporting organization and grant number.
  • Abbreviations. The full term for which an abbreviation stands should precede its first use in the text unless it is a standard unit of measurement.
  • Trade names. Generic terms are to be used whenever possible, but trade names and manufacturer should be included parenthetically at first mention.


  • References should be kept to a maximum of 20 citations. If additional references are required, a footnote should refer the reader to the author’s e-mail address.
  • The reference list should appear at the end of the article in numeric sequence.
  • Do not include unpublished data or personal communications in the reference list. Cite such references parenthetically in the text and include a date.
  • Avoid using abstracts as references.
  • Provide complete information for each reference, including names of all authors (up to six). If the reference is part of a book, also include the title of the chapter and names of the book’s editor(s).

Journal reference style:
1. McNamara JA Jr, Howe RO, Dischinger TG. A comparison of the Herbst and Fränkel appliances in the treatment of Class II malocclusion. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 1990;98:134–144.

Book reference style:
2. Graber TM, Vanarsdall RL. Orthodontics. Current Principles and Techniques. St. Louis: Mosby, 2000:44–48.


  • All illustrations must be numbered and cited in the text in order of appearance.
  • The figure number and first author’s last name should be indicated on the back of each photograph of one set or on the mount of each slide. Also indicate the top edge lightly in pencil.
  • Do not bend, fold, or use paper clips. Do not mount slides in glass.
  • Original artwork must be provided with original submission.
  • For protection against damage or loss, authors should retain duplicate slides and illustrations.
  • All illustrations are returned after publication.

    Black & white photographs—Submit three sets of high-quality glossy prints. Should the quality prove inadequate, negatives will be requested as well. Photographs should be unmounted and untrimmed.
    Radiographs—Submit the original radiograph as well as two sets of prints.
    Line drawings—Figures, charts, and graphs should be professionally drawn. Provide an electronic .tiff or .eps file and three high-resolution computer-generated laser prints (no photocopies).
    Color—Color will be used whenever possible, at the discretion of the editor and publisher. No charge is made for such illustrations. Original slides (35 mm transparencies) are preferred, also supply two sets of prints made from them.
    Electronic files—May be acceptable if original images (as specified above) are unavailable. Resolution must be at least 300 dpi when the image is 3 inches wide; files saved in .tiff or.eps format are preferred. Please do not send images embedded in text in word processing programs (eg, Word) or “office suite” programs (Excel, PowerPoint, etc). Also supply three printed copies of each figure.
    Legends—Figure legends should be grouped on a separate sheet and typed double-spaced.


  • Tables and statistics should be kept to a minimum. Reference to additional tables and statistics should appear as a footnote, with the author’s e-mail address.
  • Each table should be logically organized, on a separate sheet, and numbered consecutively.
  • The title and footnotes should be typed on the same sheet as the table.


  • Authors must include an e-mail address with the original submission. This address will appear in the published article.
  • Authors are to be accessible, via e-mail, to readers with questions and comments.
  • WJO readers will be encouraged to correspond directly with authors, via e-mail.

The Mandatory Submission Form, signed by all authors, must accompany all submitted manuscripts before they can be reviewed for publication. This form can be found elsewhere in this issue or can be downloaded from the publisher’s website (www.quintpub.com).


  • Permission of author and publisher must be obtained for the direct use of material (text, photos, drawings) under copyright that does not belong to the author.
  • Waivers must be obtained for photographs showing persons. When such waivers are not supplied, faces will be masked to prevent identification.

Reprints can be ordered from the publisher. The publisher does not stock reprints; however, back issues can be purchased.


  • Three copies of each manuscript and figures, including all glossy prints necessary for reviewers.
  • Computer-generated disk(s) of manuscript and, if possible, illustrations.
  • Manuscript: typed double-spaced including separate references, figure legends, and tables.
  • Structured abstract of no more than 200 words.
  • References: double-spaced, numeric order, Journal style.
  • Tables: double-spaced and titled.
  • Mandatory Submission Form, signed by all authors.

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