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Perio - Periodontal Practices Today
Year 2007
Volume 4 , Issue 4

Table of Contents:

1 . Factors influencing periodontal regeneration

Authors: Eickholz, Peter

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

2 . Tunnel technique approach in a one-stage treatment of a deep intrabony defect combined with a class IV gingival recession: a case report

Authors: Cherel, Fabrice / Puterman, Israel / Etienne, Daniel

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

3 . Diagnosis, treatment and long-term maintenance of a patient with drug-associated gingival enlargement

Authors: Tan, Wah Ching / Lim, Lum Peng / Lang, Niklaus Peter

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

4 . A case history of a kidney transplant patient with ciclosporin-induced gingival overgrowth combined with chronic periodontitis

Authors: Gera, Istvan / Keglevich, Tibor

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

5 . An intriguing case of gingival enlargement associated with generalised aggressive periodontitis

Authors: Mahajan, Ajay / Dixit, Jaya / Verma, Umesh

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

6 . Association between social inhibition, mood and worry, self-reported oral health status and oral health-related behaviours

Authors: Dumitrescu, Alexandrina L / Pedersen, Susanne S / Dogaru, Beatrice C / Dogaru, Cristian D

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

7 . Dentine hypersensitivity in Omani dental patients: a cross-sectional study

Authors: Al-Mullahi, Abeer / Ziada, Hassan / Allen, Finbarr / Cronin, Michael / Al-Balushi, Salah

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

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