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Perio - Periodontal Practices Today

Year 2008
Volume 5 , Issue 4

Pages: 275 - 280

Open flap debridement in combination with subepithelial connective tissue graft for the prevention of post-operative gingival recession: a report on a series of cases

Chavan, Ramesh Sundersing / Tiwari, Ishan Ramakant / Bhongade, Manohar Laxman / Jaiswal, Priyanka / Deo, Vikas Devkaran Singh

Background: Open flap debridement (OFD) with flap repositioning may result in significant gingival recession. In the present case series, patients with periodontal pockets were treated with subepithelial connective tissue grafts (SCTG) in combination with OFD for the prevention of postoperative gingival recession. Study design: Ten patients (60 teeth) with periodontal pockets in the anterior dentition underwent OFD combined with SCTG. Probing pocket depth (PPD), relative attachment level (RAL), and relative gingival margin level (RGML) were recorded at baseline and at 6 months post-operatively. Results: Mean PPD at baseline was 4.2mm, and 1.8mm at 6 months (P<0.05), RAL at baseline was 12.2mm and 10.7mm at 6 months (P<0.05), while RGML at baseline was 8mm and 8.9mm at 6 months post-operatively. Conclusion: Results indicated that use of SCTG underneath the flap when combined with OFD was an effective method to minimize post-operative gingival recession. Keywords: subepithelial connective tissue graft, post-operative gingival recession


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