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Journal of Orofacial Pain
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Journal of Orofacial Pain

Year 1989
Volume 3 , Issue 1

Pages: 87 - 92

The Effect of Experimental Stress and Experimental Occlusal Interference on Masseteric EMG Activity


This experiment attempted to study the separate and combined effects of occlusal interference and transient stress on masseteric activity among eight nonclinical human subjects. Before each of two sessions, subjects were fitted with an occlusal interference or an occlusally inert (control) molar clasp. During each session they viewed horrific and idyliic videotapes while masseter EMG was recorded bilaterally. Electrodermal measures validated that the horrific videotapes were stressful. Studies showed that the occlusal variable worked less well. The EMG was elevated contralateral to both clasps and during videotape viewing. The EMG effects from videotape viewing were relatively pronounced without the occlusal interference. Research implications are discussed.


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