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Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Year 2003
Volume 3 , Issue 4

Pages: 211 - 217

CO2 Laser Treatment of Physiological Melanin-pigmented Oral Tissues

Asim Dumlu/Sebnem Ercalik Yalcinkaya/Semih Ozbayrak

Purpose: People with moderate to severe gingival or mucosal pigmentation usually demand treatment for esthetic reasons and/or anxiety about appearance. The present study clinically evaluates the effectiveness of CO2 laser to eliminate abnormal deposition of melanin in the oral tissues. Materials and Methods: In this study, 28 different melanin pigmented mucosal sites of 17 patients were depigmented with CO2 laser. Results: The treated areas appeared normal within 2 to 3 weeks after performing one-step laser surgery and in all but one case remained depigmented during the follow-up period of 5 years. Conclusion: The CO2 laser appears to have a place in the treatment of melanin pigmented tissues and offers a reliable and a satisfying result for both surgeons and patients.


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