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Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Year 2003
Volume 3 , Issue 2

Pages: 109 - 115

Effects of Low-level Laser Therapy in HIV/AIDS-positive Patients After Exodontic Procedures

E. M. Giovanni/M. C. D. Ferreira/R. S. Souza/N. Tortamano/J. A. Melo/S. Egashira

Purpose: To verify the efficiency of the Ga:Al:As laser in the stimulation of tissue repair and analgesic effect after tooth extractions in HIV/AIDS-positive patients. Materials and Methods: The low-potency Ga:AL;AS (790 nm, 30 mw fixed potency) was applied in 15 HIV/AIDS-positive patients who required extractions totaling 36 teeth. Platelet count, T-CD4 lymphocytes, and the viral load of each patient were examined. After extraction and suturing, the low-potency laser beam was applied to the surgical area parallel to the long axis of the alveolus for a period of 2 min. All the patients were instructed not to use any medications or supplementary treatments. The postoperative exam was performed 8 days after surgery, including the suture removal, periapical radiograph, area wound healing evaluation, and a questionnaire to evaluate postoperative pain. Results and Conclusion: The patients generally reported a comfortable postoperative period. If pain was present, it was very slight and required no medication or other therapy. The process of tissue regeneration and surgical wound healing took less time than with conventional procedures. Although the patients presented various degrees of immune suppression as measured by the T-CD4 lymphocyte count, and some had a high viral load, all responded satisfactorily in the postoperative period.


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