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Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Year 2003
Volume 3 , Issue 2

Pages: 105 - 107

Low-power Lasers in the Treatment of Glossopyrosis

Liljana Kesic/Goran Jovanovic/Nikola Buric

Purpose: Burning tongue syndrome (glossopyrosis) is a painful condition of the tongue associated with general disorders such as anemia, diabetes mellitus, cervical spondylosis, postmenopausal syndrome, etc, as well as with the presence of nervous disorders. The aim of this study was to determine the efficiency of low-power lasers in the treatment of burning tongue syndrome. Materials and Methods: Fifty patients with burning tongue syndrome underwent standard diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Twenty-five of these also received 5 laser irradiation applications of 4 min each. The pain intensity was assessed with the Visual Analogue Scale from the first day of treatment. Results: After 7 sessions of standard treatment, 19 of the 25 (75%) patients still experienced considerable pain. In 6 patients (24%), there was no improvement following 7 sessions of conventional treatment. After 2 laser sessions, 12 of 25 patients (48%) reported a cessation of pain; after the third treatment, 4 more patients (16%) also reported that burning sensations had ceased. After 5 laser treatments, 22 of the 25 patients (88%) were satisfied and felt no discomfort, whereas three patients (12%) still experienced pain. After three additional laser applications, the complete analgesic effect was achieved in these patients as well. Conclusion: Soft lasers produced favorable effects in the treatment of burning tongue syndrome. The application of low-power lasers is recommended in treatment of burning tongue syndrome because of their biostimulating and particularly analgesic effects.


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