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Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Year 2003
Volume 3 , Issue 2

Pages: 67 - 72

Evaluation of Nd:YAG Laser Effects on Root Canal Walls

C. Altamura/M. Majori/R. Bedini/P. Filippini

Purpose: The aim of this study was to compared the canal cleanliness achieved by manual instrumentation to that achieved by manual preparation with adjunct laser treatment. Materials and Methods: Twenty-one extracted single-rooted human teeth were selected and randomly divided into seven groups of three samples each. In groups 1 to 6, root canals were instrumented using K-files and lased at increasing power according to group number, eg, group 1: 1 W, group 2: 2 W, and so on up to group 6: 6 W. An Nd:YAG laser was used (1064 nm wavelength). 100 mJ of energy was applied in each group examined, with pulse rate varying from 10 to 60 Hz. The laser beam was carried by a 200-Ám optic fiber, and 3 cycles were performed of 10 s each, with 20 s breaks. Group 7 served as the unlased control, in which samples were manually instrumented with K-files only. Results: SEM observations showed a thick layer of debris on dentinal surfaces of unlased samples, somewhat less debris and closed dentinal tubules in samples treated with lower power levels, and a greater percentage of debris, both at tubular orifices and in the intertubular area, was present on surfaces treated with higher power levels. Conclusion: Nd:YAG laser could be an effective device in removing debris and smear layer from root canal walls, but only if combined with traditional instrumentation and used at low power levels.


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