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Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Year 2003
Volume 3 , Issue 1

Pages: 33 - 36

Nd:YVO4 Laser Marking for Prostheses and ID Disks

Booi-Cie Ling/M. N. Ghazali

In this report, the possibility of using a commercial Nd:YVO4 laser engraving unit to mark dental prostheses and ID disks was tested and a technique of ID-marking for fully dentate patients was developed. A modern commercial Nd:YVO4 laser engraving unit was used. The laser unit produces a single-mode beam of 1064 nm, beam diameter of 40 Ám, pulse width of 10 ns, and peak power of 20 to 30 kW. ID markings were done on the metal parts of dental prostheses and prefabricated stainless steel crowns. The labeling was examined visually with a magnifying glass and under a stereomicroscope. ID disks were made out of the labeled stainless steel crowns and bonded onto teeth. The Nd:YVO4 laser engraving unit produced superior ID markings on metal prostheses. It is also capable of producing micromarkings on ID disks for bonding onto teeth of totally dentate people. If ID-marking procedures were practiced on a large scale, then the identification of victims of major disasters will be easier and faster.


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