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Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Year 2002
Volume 2 , Issue 2

Pages: 83 - 93

Changes in Root Surface Morphology and Fibroblast Adherence After Er:YAG Laser Irradiation

U. Schoop/A. Moritz/W. Kluger/U. Frei/P. Maleschitz/K. Goharkay/C. Schöfer/J. Wernisch/W. Sperr

Purpose: The present study deals with the impacts of Er:YAG laser irradiation on root surface morphology and the laser’s ability to remove subgingival concrements and facilitate fibroblast adherence. Materials and Methods: Part 1: Concrement-coated root surfaces of extracted human teeth were mechanically scaled and/or laser irradiated and submitted to environmental scanning electron microscopy in order to assess the resulting surface alterations. Part 2: Mouse fibroblasts were cultured on scaled and/or laser irradiated root surfaces. The shape, number, and adherence of the cells to the surface were evaluated using an epifluorescent microscope. Results: Scanning electron microscopy revealed a distinct rough surface structure in all samples treated with Er:YAG laser irradiation. Scaled-only samples yielded the smoothest surface, whereas the combined treatment (laser and scaling) resulted in a variform pattern of rough and smooth areas. In all samples, concrements were entirely removed. The culturing of fibroblasts did not show any significant difference regarding the number and the density of cells on the different surfaces. However, significantly more spindle-shaped cells were found on laser-irradiated roots. This indicates a better adherence of the cells to those surfaces. Conclusion: The present in vitro study indicates that the Er:YAG laser facilitates the removal of subgingival concrements and that the root surface structure of laser-irradiated roots offers better conditions for the adherence of fibroblasts than a root surface after mechanical scaling only.


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