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Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Year 2002
Volume 2 , Issue 1

Pages: 37 - 43

Nd:YAG Laser in the Endodontic Retreatment of Three Different Types of Canal Fillings In Vitro

Maurizio Ripari/Umberto Romeo/Arrigo Perondi/Francesca Ripari

Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate in vitro the potential of Nd:YAG laser associated with standard techniques in retreating teeth obturated with thermafil on a plastic carrier, laterally condensed gutta-percha, and endomethasone sealer. The following aspects were analyzed: removal of obturation as visualized radiographically (Radio Visio Grafia) and time required. This study endeavors to provide a working protocol to those who could benefit from using this new method. Materials and Methods: Thirty human single-rooted teeth, with single and straight canals, were divided into three groups of 10, filled with the methods mentioned above, and then retreated. We used the laser Pulse Master 600 IQ (American Dental Technologies), set at 40 mJ, f10 Hz, and 0.4 W. These settings combined with an optical fiber of 200 µm proved to be highly efficient and safe. In all three groups, we used the laser like a hot carrier (irradiation of 15 to 20 s, 30 s pause) to soften and dissolve materials, and then removed them by manual instrumentation. Results: Nine out of ten teeth filled with endomethasone were retreated with success. The average time required for retreatment was 4 min 48 s. We were able to retreat all ten teen obturated by gutta successfully, with an average time of 4 min 55 s. In our opinion, optimum retreatment was obtained with thermafil, leaving intact carriers and well-cleaned canals. Average time was 6 min 16 s. Conclusion: Our study involving the use of laser associated with standard techniques demonstrated the following advantages: elimination of solvent use, reduction of canal wall stress, “sterilization” of the radicular system, and good working times.


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