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Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Year 2001
Volume 1 , Issue 2

Pages: 119 - 123

Temperature Rise in Cavities Prepared in Vitro by Er:YAG Laser

Sheila Gouw-Soares/JosÚ Eduardo Pelison Pelino/PatrÝcia Haypek/Luciano Bachmann/Carlos de Paula Eduardo

Purpose: Temperature rises in the pulp chamber of more than 5.5║C during cavity preparation are considered harmful to the pulp vitality. This study evaluated the safety and effectiveness of the Er:YAG laser for cavity preparation using two different parameters on human enamel and dentin in vitro. Materials and Methods: Eight extracted human maxillary incisors were used. Thermocouples were inserted into the root canals until they reached the pulp chamber to measure temperature during cavity preparation. For all teeth, the thickness was measured both on the buccal and the lingual surfaces before preparation. Periapical radiographs were taken to confirm these thickness values. Two groups (G1, G2) of 4 teeth each were formed. Class V cavities on buccal and lingual surfaces in enamel and dentin were prepared with an Er:YAG laser with a 1.0-mm-diameter tip under air-water cooling. The parameters were as follows: G1: 10 Hz, 500 mJ; G2: 10 Hz, 850 mJ. The pulses were also measured during each preparation. To compare the two parameters, SEM analysis was conducted to evaluate morphological changes in dentin. Results: This study showed temperature rises of less than 3║C in all cavity preparations in both groups. Conclusion: Our data indicate that the parameters chosen for Class V cavity preparation are safe and also effective for use in human teeth. Furthermore, cavity preparation with the Er:YAG laser with both energy parameters was very fast.


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