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Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Year 2001
Volume 1 , Issue 2

Pages: 109 - 114

Removal of Carious Dentin by Mechanical, Chemomechanical and Er:YAG Laser in Deciduous Teeth

Yoshishige Yamada/Mozammal Hossain/Yukio Nakamura/Nobuyuki Suzuki/Koukichi Matsumoto

Purpose: In this in vitro study, the effectiveness of caries removal in deciduous teeth by using Er:YAG laser irradiation was compared with that of the Carisolv chemomechanical caries removal system and conventional mechanical treatment. Materials and Methods: The carious dentin of 30 extracted teeth was subjected to mechanical treatment using round steel burs, chemomechanical caries removal using Carisolv, or Er:YAG laser treatment at 120 mJ energy density. After each treatment, the extent of caries removal was carefully assessed by means of a caries detector. This procedure was repeated until the dentin could no longer be stained by the caries detector. The time required for lesion removal was determined and the treated cavity was observed with the scanning electron microscope (SEM). Results: The results indicated that caries removal using laser irradiation required significantly more time than with the bur, but less time than with Carisolv. SEM showed that, in contrast to mechanical bur or Carisolv, the lased cavity surface displayed various patterns of micro-irregularity, and the smear layer was absent. Conclusion: Our findings indicate that caries removal in deciduous teeth using an Er:YAG laser provided results that were equal to or better than those achieved with mechanical or chemomechanical caries removal systems.


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