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Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Year 2001
Volume 1 , Issue 1

Pages: 21 - 27

Nd:YAG Laser in Soft Tissue Surgery: A Two-year Retrospective Study on 130 Patients

Carlo Maiorana/Sergio Salina/Rachele Censi/Filippo Fontana/Andrea Borgonovo

Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy of the Nd:YAG laser therapy in the management of oral mucosal lesions. This retrospective study concerns several clinical cases. Materials and Methods: 130 patients with a variety of benign oral soft tissue lesions were treated with laser excision and ablation. Surgery was performed on all patients with a pulsed, fiberoptically delivered Nd:YAG contact laser (Smarty-10). The most frequent lesions excised or vaporized and biopsied were fibroma (27), epulis (16), leukoplakia (13), lichen planus (13), hemangioma (5), mucocele (13), fiber-mucosa hyperplasia (13), and squamous papilloma (10). All patients were included in a postoperative follow-up program for up to 24 months (range 6 to 24 months). Results: In most cases, Nd:YAG laser therapy led to complete resolution of the lesion. No negative effects were reported during or after this type of laser surgery. Especially for oral mucosal white lesions, this treatment obtained resolution or real control regarding their symptoms and growth. Conclusion: Based on our results and the international literature, Nd:YAG laser therapy can be considered as effective as traditional surgical techniques in the treatment of benign oral mucosal lesions. Moreover, in addition to its therapeutic excellence, this laser method possesses the great advantage of being much more comfortable (no postoperative problems or pain, no need of sutures, often no need for local anesthesia).


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