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The Journal of Oral Laser Applications

Edited by Prof Dr Andreas Moritz and Prof G. Lynn Powell

Official publication of the European Society for Oral Laser Applications

ISSN (print) 1473-7809 • ISSN (online) 1867-5611

Winter 2006
Volume 6 , Issue 4

Pages: 285-290
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Argon Laser and Remineralizing Solution Treatment Effects on Root Surface Caries

Westerman, Gary H. / Powell, G. Lynn / Flaitz, Catherine M. / Hicks, M. John

Purpose: The effects of argon laser (AL) irradiation exposure and remineralizing solution (RS) treatment were evaluated alone and in combination on caries-like lesion formation in permanent tooth root surfaces in an in vitro study. Materials and Methods: Ten caries-free permanent tooth root surfaces were divided into 4 segments and each segment from each tooth was assigned to 1 of 4 treatment groups: no treatment control (n = 10), AL irradiation alone at 13.5 J/cm2 (0.270 W, 5-mm beam, 10 s, n = 10), RS treatment alone for 2 min (n = 10), and AL irradiation before RS treatment (n = 10). This allowed each tooth to serve as a matched internal control for each of the treatments. In vitro caries were created using a modified ten Cate solution. The longitudinal sections (3 per tooth segment, 30 per treatment group) were evaluated for mean lesion depth. Results: After lesion formation, mean lesion depths ( standard deviation) were 288 32 μm for the no treatment controls, 198 23μm for AL irradiation alone, 188 19 μm for RS treatment alone, and 109 14 μm for AL irradiation before RS treatment. All treatment groups had mean lesion depths that were significantly less than those for the matched no treatment control group (ANOVA, Duncan multiple range [DMR] test, p < 0.05). AL irradiation before RS treatment significantly reduced lesion depth compared with AL irradiation alone or RS treatment alone (ANOVA, DMR test, p < 0.05). Conclusion: Both AL and RS alone provided significant reductions in lesion depths for in vitro root surface caries compared with no treatment controls. However, the maximum reduction in caries-like lesion depth on permanent tooth root surfaces was achieved when the RS, containing calcium, phosphate, and fluoride in a carbopol base, was combined with AL irradiation.

Keywords: permanent teeth, root surface, caries, argon laser, calcifying solution, remineralization, demineralization, artificial caries

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