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International Journal of Computerized Dentistry

Year 2006
Volume 9 , Issue 4

Pages: 321 - 331

Single-tooth restorative treatment using an immediate-loading CAD/CAM technique.

Bonaudo D, Raimondo C, Rubino G.

PURPOSE: Definitive restoration of missing tooth 25 in a single visit by positioning a tapered, immediately loaded implant, a titanium/zirconia abutment, and an all-ceramic crown. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Surgery was planned using a software application which processed CT scan images to obtain a 3-D virtual model. With these images, the crest height and axial orientation of the virtual implants can be reproduced from an implant analog on a working cost using the Ray-Set Implant Ready-to-Load transfer procedure developed on the Ray-Set device (Biaggini Medical Devices, La Spezia, Italy). A tapered Exaca CV implant with a diameter of 4.0 mm (Biaggini Medical Devices, La Spezia, Italy) was chosen for its primary stability, an essential prerequisite for immediate loading. The all-ceramic crown on the Exacta Z CAD abutment was designed and fabricated using a CAD/CAM system. CONCLUSIONS: Using a computerized method, a surgical treatment plan can be defined using a prosthetic approach to implant positioning and pre-construction of a mesostructure and superstructure for chairside insertion and immediate loading, requiring only a single surgical session to obtain an excellent functional and esthetic result with superior accuracy and long-term predictability.


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