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International Journal of Computerized Dentistry

Year 2005
Volume 8 , Issue 4

Pages: 325 - 335

IPR: intraoral pressure-dependent registration in Cerec application

Neumann P, Brausewetter L

Cerec 3D software is now able to restore occlusal tooth surfaces safely and reproducibly. With an existing morphology worth adopting and/or by making use of an opposing bite registration, the user can reproduce the central contacts to the opposing jaw with the aid of the correlation mode. However, this assumes that the existing maxillo-mandibular relation is physiological. In prosthetic treatment, it is essential to differentiate between a healthy patient and patients with functional disorders. In the first case, the possibilities of performing an accurate and exact reconstruction of the healthy parameters are given and can be myocentrically controlled and corrected with suitable means. However, in the presence of functional disorders, the pathological situation should not serve at the basis for the reconstruction. Adjustment and, if necessary, stabilization of the function is essential. The following article illustrates by reference to a complex patient case how Cerec restorations can be produced correctly chairside with the aid of the IPR technique even in the case of functional disorders.


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