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International Journal of Computerized Dentistry

Year 2004
Volume 7 , Issue 2

Pages: 179 - 186

Internet-Capable Publication Database System

K.-L. Mischke/B. Kruse-Lösler/M. Hirtz/U. Ehmer

Scientific databases are generally accessible to the public via the Internet. Reports of most peer-reviewed (quotable) research is thus available to researchers and others. However, other reports and information of interest to researchers and teachers such as poster presentations and congresses, articles describing techniques and teaching material, and details of vocational and continuing education courses (nonquotable literature) generally do not appear in such database. This nonquotable literature is often of great use to teachers. A project was therefore initiated at the Münster Dental Clinic which aimed to address the problem by developing a database of all publications and other printed material produced by the staff (faculty). After a systematic search, all such publications (quotable and nonquotable) were entered in the database which is partially accessible via the Münster Dental Clinic’s intranet. The complete list can be found in the protected Intranet areas, which can be accessed by all the Dental Clinic’s staff members. The database also permits Münster Clinic staff to access the Internet and locate those publications that are on the Internet by year of publication and topic.


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