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International Journal of Computerized Dentistry

Year 2002
Volume 5 , Issue 2

Pages: 133 - 138

AIDA: Web Agents to Support Dental Treatment Planning

Ekkehard Finkeissen/S. Böhret/I. Stamm/M. Müssig/J. Streicher/U. Koke/C. Helmstetter/A. Wolff/S. Hassfeld/T. Wetter

Dental treatment planning is highly dependent on the educational background and personal experience of the dentist and on the thoroughness with which findings are taken. The objective of research in the AIDA (Artificially Intelligent Dental Agents) project is therefore the analysis of decision making and the design of a decision-supportive software module to test the decision-making process and make it transparent for both dentists and patients. In the AIDA project (aida.uni-hd.de), an expert system has been set up to identify treatment alternatives with integrated decision rationale for experts, practicing dentists, and eventually also patients. It is based on a top-down structure for dental decision-making, which was developed to standardize argumentation. For prosthetic dentistry, how one uses individual patient findings to arrive at possible treatment alternatives was clarified in greater detail. The planning rules for fixed prostheses have already been integrated into a software agent. Other modules should soon specify and verify these suggestions in terms of further fields of dentistry (eg, restorative dentistry). In the near future, AIDA will be able to deliver dentally founded justifications for every individual decision.


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