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International Journal of Computerized Dentistry

Year 2000
Volume 3 , Issue 4

Pages: 269 - 279

The Optical Conditioning of Cerec Preparations with Scan Spray

A Kurbad

Coating the surfaces with an anti-reflection substance before taking the optical impression is indispensable for exposures with the Cerec camera. Up to now, this has been done mainly by powdering with titanium dioxide. Errors which have a negative influence on the result can, of course, arise during the coating process. Although powdering is a proven method which has led to outstanding results in many thousands of restorations, it represents a weak spot in the clinical procedure.
In the present study, the handling and data quality of an innovative spray for applying an anti-reflection coat to restoration surfaces were examined. The values obtained were chiefly displayed in the Section window of the Cerec 3 software.
Despite a few small problems, handling can be considered good and safe. The primary advantage consists in the display of the preparation boundaries, since the coated surface can be dried with an air stream.
With regard to detail reproduction, data quality, and coat thickness, the quality of the optical impression has reached a new level. The present study shows that considerable errors can arise in the restoration from powdering, due partly to material buildup. The Scan Spray tested can be recommended for clinical use.


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