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International Journal of Computerized Dentistry

Year 1999
Volume 2 , Issue 3

Pages: 197 - 207

The Decim System for the Production of Dental Restorations

R Sjolin/A Sundh/M Bergman

The general backgroung to the development of CAD/CAM is presented in short. Specific problems when using this technique for the manufacturing of dental restorations are emphasized, and then the reverse engineering and CAD/CAM process that have been implemented in the Decim (Dentronic AB, Skelleftea, Sweden) system are presented. The system is organized in the following way: 1. The measurement process is encapsulated in a product called Decim Reader. 2. The design functionality is provided by software running on a conventional personal computer. This unit is called Decim Designer. 3. The CAM calculation is done by a dedicated personal computer, the Decim Calculator, that does not require any user interaction. 4. The actual manufacturing of the restorations is performed in the Decim Producer that works with a grinding technique. These components communicate via a local computer network or, when a distributed solution is desired, via internet. The Decim System is presently used for the production of dental ceramic restorations, and it is the only system which can be used for manufacturing inlays of yttria-stabilized zirconia. This ceramic material is CE-approved under the brand name Denzir (Dentronic AB, Skelleftea, Sweden). Due to its favorable mechanical properties, it may be an alternative to dental amalgam, and is therefore of topical interest in dentistry. The use of computer-based techniques for manufacturing dental restorations is briefly outlined and commented on.


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