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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Year 2004
Volume 7 , Issue 1

Table of Contents:

1 . Regulation of BCG-Polysaccharide Nucleic Acid and Dexamethasone on Th1/Th2 Cytokines from Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Oral Lichen Planus

Authors: Gang Zhou, DDS, PhD/Ming Wen Fan, DDS/Junyan Liu, DDS

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2 . The Biological Effects of Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 on Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts

Authors: Xiao Hui Si, DDS, PhD/Zheng Liu, DDS, PhD

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

3 . The Direction of Shear Adhesive Strength Between Composite Resin and Dental Hard Tissue

Authors: Gang Zheng, BS, PhD/Tong Wang, BS/Hengchang Xu, DDS, PhD

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

4 . Expression of Cathepsin K Protein and mRNA in Root-Resorbing Tissue Induced by Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Rat

Authors: Guangli Han, DDS/Xianming Hua, DDS/Shengfu Huang, DDS/Guoxin Chen, DDS/Xianglong Zeng, DDS, PhD

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

5 . The Establishment and Application of the Controllable Modified MD-300 Chemostat Under Analogous Oral Environment

Authors: Deyi Li, MS/Zonglin Li, BS/Jianzhone Zhang, DDS, PhD/Xiaolin Gui, BS/Lin Zhu, MS/Bin Zhang

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

6 . Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Endothelial Cell Proliferation and Angiogenesis in Human Hemangioma

Authors: Chen Li, DDS/Yifang Zhao, DDS, MS/Wenfeng Zhang, DDS/Xinming Chen/Shichun Xiong

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

7 . The Study of Serum VEGF Level in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Authors: Minghua Ge, DDS, MS/Zhiyuan GU, DDS, MS, PhD/Xiaohong Xu, MD/ Kejing Wang, MD

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

8 . The Study of Changes in the Temporomandibular Joint Under High Sustained Acceleration (+Gz) Condition Using an Animal Model

Authors: Zhenyu Sun, MS/Min Hu, DDS/Yin Yin, BDS/Jun Hou, DDS/Chuanbing Li, BDS, Dongxia Li, BDS

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

9 . Detection of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Species in the Dental Plaque of Disabled Patients

Authors: Rongsend Liu, DDS, MSc/Ma Liang, DDS/Shufeng Han, DDS/Qingyu Yang, DDS/Hongchen Liu, DDs, MSc, PhD

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

10 . Osteosarcoma in Maxillofacial Area: A Clinicopathologic Study of 61 Cases

Authors: Jiang Li, DDS, MS, PhD/Ronggen He, DDS

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

11 . The Effect of Intraoral Sandblasting on the Bond Strength Between Ni-Cr Alloy and Composite Resin

Authors: Hanping Zhang, BS/Yan Wei, BS/Gang Zheng, DDS/Xiaoyang Hu, MD/Xuliang Deng, DDS, PhD

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