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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Year 2003
Volume 6 , Issue 3

Table of Contents:

1 . The Prevalence of Malocclusion in China—An Investigation of 25,392 Children

Authors: Minkui Fu/Ding Zhang/Bangkang Wang/Yan Deng/Fohan Wang/Xiangyu Ye/Wei Hu

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

2 . The Cloning and Sequencing of H-2Kk Gene cDNA of 615 Mice

Authors: Longjiang Li/Meng Tong/Shaoping Zhang/Hao Gong/Yuming Wen/Changmei Wang

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

3 . Effects of L-nitroarginine on Recovery from Traumatic Facial Paralysis and Expression of cNOS and OX42 in Facial Nucleus of Rats

Authors: Lijun Wnag/Shuxia Zhou/Changkai Sun

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

4 . Effects of Different Class II Cavity Designs on Stresses in Restorations

Authors: Xiao Xu/Zhe Sun/Lan Tao/Huangguo Xiong

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

5 . A Study of the Stability and Reliability of 3-D Laser Cranio-maxillofacial Reconstruction

Authors: Jing Zhang/Peijun Lü/Yong Wang

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

6 . Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of Salivary Glands

Authors: Yan Gao/Ping Di/Xin Peng/Guangyan Yu/Kaihua Sun

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

7 . Comparison of Morbidity of Dry Socket Following Removal of Impacted Lower Third Molars by Conventional and Implantology Surgical Unit Methods

Authors: Feng Yuan Li/Zong Ying Hao/Yi Yi Shao/Zhen Yuan/Rui Gang Li/Fang Ding/Jiu Ping Wang

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

8 . Experimental Study of Antimetastatic Function of nm23-h1 Gene on High Pulmonary-metastatic Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Cell Line

Authors: Wen Li/Yuming Wen/Longjiang Li/Changmei Wang/Yaduo Cheng

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

9 . Expression of Telomerase and Cyclin A in Ameloblastoma

Authors: Ming Zhong/Yangli Yue/Jie Wang

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

10 . Chromosome Localization of the Dentinogenesis Imperfecta Type II Locus

Authors: Jun Zhao/Xiaohai Zhang/Ligeng Wu/Zhi Jia/Qingsong Zhang/Xiaoyan Xing

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

11 . The Translocation of Smad1 in Human Dental Papilla Cells Treated with rhBMP2

Authors: Wenxi He/Zhongying Niu/Shouliang Zhao/Jian Chen

Abstract | E-mail Abstract

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