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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
Year 2001
Volume 4 , Issue 3

Table of Contents:

1 . Distraction Osteogenesis in the Mandibular Ramus for Correction of Hemifacial Microsomia

Authors: Xing Wang, MD, PhD/Ye Lin, DDS, PhD/Biao Yi, DDS, PhD/Cheng Liang, DDS, PhD/Yan Heng Zhou, DDS, PhD/Zi Li Li, DDS, PhD

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2 . Genetic Diversity and Intrafamilial Similarity of Prevotella Intermedia by Arbitrarily Primed Polymerase Chain Reaction

Authors: Minchuan Liu, DDS, PhD/Jincai Zhang, DDS, PhD/Shizhen Shi, DDS/Yunhui Zhang, DDS

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3 . Isolation, Culture, and Calcification in Vitro of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Rats

Authors: Sheng-Wen Shu, DDS/Sheng-Lin Li, DDS, Kui-Hua Zhang, DDS/Xu-Chen Ma, DDS, PhD/Jia Fu, BS

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4 . Effects of 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 on Stimulation of Osteoclast-like Cell Formation and Bone Resorption in Murine Marrow Cell Culture

Authors: Tie Jun Li, DDS, MS, PhD/Shi Feng Yu, DDS, MS

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5 . Establishment of Rat Tongue Model for Plasmid DNA Expression in Vivo

Authors: ZeBing Zhang, PhD/WenTao Gao, PhD/Jie Ouyang, PhD

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6 . Chemopreventive Effect of N-4-(Hydroxycarbophenyl) Retinamide on Oral Precancerous Lesions in Hamsters and Humans

Authors: Zheng Sun, DDS, MS/Ning Li, PhD/Xiaoyong Liu, DDS/Jianbin Wang, DDS, PhD/Rui Han, PhD

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7 . The Effect of PLA Membrane Combined with bBMP-PLA Composite on Repair of Rabbit MandibleŚA Preliminary Study

Authors: ZuBing Li, DDS, MS/Kangkang An, DDS

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8 . An In Situ Hybridization Study of Inductive Heat Shock Protein 70 mRNA in Burred Rat Dental Pulp

Authors: Xiaofang Wang, MDS/Jiali Liu, MDS/Buling WU, DDS/Shouliang Zhao, DDS/Mingzhen Xiao, DDS

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9 . Biologic Significance of Integrin a5▀1 and av▀3 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Tongue

Authors: Qun Wu, MS/Zhikuan Wang, BS/Qinfang Xin, MS/Xiaoli Zhu/Miao Fan/Xiaozhong Jiang, MS

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10 . EMG Activity of Head, Neck, and Back Muscles with Mandibular Movement in Healthy Adults and in Patients with Mandibular Asymmetry

Authors: Ting Jiang, DDS, PhD/Zhen Kang Zhang, DDS/Zhao Hui Yang, DDS/Biao Yi, DDS, PhD/Hialan Feng, DDS, PhD/Xing Wang, DDS, PhD

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