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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2007
Volume 10 , Issue 1

Pages: 30 - 35

Construction of Human Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell cDNA Library by in vivo Recombination in AH109

ZHANG, Ping / XU, Qin / CHEN, Wan Tao / ZHANG, Zhi Yuan / LI, Jin Zhong / ZHOU, Xiao Jian

Objective: To construct a cDNA library of human tongue squamous cell carcinoma cell line (Tca8113) for further study of protein-protein interaction in oral squamous cell carcinoma cells for exploring the mechanisms of carcinogenesis.
Methods: Total RNA was extracted and reverse-transcribed into cDNA, followed by long distance PCR. The product was co-transformed into the competent AH109 with Sma I-linearised pGADT7-Rec. After growing on SD/-Leu plates, these transformants were harvested and the quality of the constructed library was analysed.
Results: The transformation efficiency was 1 106 transformants/3 ?g pGADT7-Rec. The library size was 4 107 cfu/ml. The inserts were from 500 bp to 3 kb. With the antibody of HAtag of pGADT7-Rec, the corresponding fusion proteins expressing in AH109 were detected.
Conclusion: A two-hybrid cDNA library from Tca8113 has been constructed. Analysis of the quality of this two-hybrid cDNA library indicated that this library would be useful for identifying protein?protein interactions in oral squamous cell carcinoma.

Keywords: cDNA library, squamous cell carcinoma cell line, yeast two-hybrid



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