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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2004
Volume 7 , Issue 4

Pages: 44 - 46

Investigation of Oral Health in Twenty-Three Over 100-Year-Old Uygur People

Hao Yuqing/Chen Zuhen/Niu Zhongying/Zhou Xuedong

Objective: To investigate oral health in over-100-year-old people. Methods: Twenty-three over-100-year-old Uygur people from Moyu County, Hetian, Xinjiang Province were selected for participation in the study. Questionnaires were used to record tooth DMF (decay, miss, and fill), history of CPIT (community periodontal index treatment) and their general life-style. Saliva samples were tested for bacteria and presence of blood using special paper made in Japan. Thirty-four elderly Uygur people aged between 65-70 years were randomly selected as control group. Results: All 23 participants aged over 100 years had experienced loss of teeth—edentulous rate was 87.1% (56.7% ± 30.4%, 7/23). The mean number of remaining teeth in the 23 participants was 1.7 and denture use was 0%. Caries prevalence rate was 50% in those with remaining teeth and the average DMF rate was 1.2. Forty percent of participants had CPIT twice and 60% had CPIT three or four times. Eating habits (frequency) and salivary test results showed no significant differences between the test sample and control group. Conclusion: All Uygur people aged over 100 years had lost function of mastication. This, however, did not affect their nourishment intake. Periodontal disease and level of caries was serious in this age group.



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