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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2004
Volume 7 , Issue 4

Pages: 15 - 18

Study on the Characteristics of Dmp1 and Cbfal Expression in Bone Development and Mineralization

Zubing Li/Zhi Li/Zhengjun Shang/Yifang Zhao

Objective: To study the characteristics of dentin matrix protein-1 (Dmp1) and core-binding factor alpha1 (Cbfa1) expression in bone development and mineralization and to investigate the role of Dmp1 in osteogenesis. Methods: In situ hybridization was performed to characterize the expression patterns of Dmp1 during mouse embryonic and postnatal development. Immunofluorescence stain was used to examine the relationship between Dmp1 expression and bone nodule formation and mineralization in vitro. Results: Dmp1 first appeared in hypertrophic cartilage cells, followed by osteoblasts, and later were strongly expressed in osteocytes. The expression profiles of Cbfa1 and Dmp1 overlapped in both cartilage and bone during development. Dmp1 expression was closely associated with bone nodule formation and mineralization in fetal rat calvarial cell cultures. Conclusion: These studies highlight Dmp1 as a unique marker gene for osteoblastic differentiation and bone morphogenesis. Both Dmp1 and Cbfa1 may play an important role in bone development.



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