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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2004
Volume 7 , Issue 3

Pages: 55 - 58

The Effect of Time on the Hardness of Four Soft Denture-Lining Materials

Aye Mese/Kahraman G. Güzel

Objective: To investigate the effect of time on the hardness of four soft denture-lining materials. Materials and Methods: The soft denture liners investigated were Vertex soft (acrylic-based, heat-curing), Coe soft (acrylic-based, autopolymerizing), Molloplast-B (silicon-based, heat-curing) and Mollosil plus (silicon-based, autopolymerizing). The soft denture liners were prepared at 20 mm diameter and 12 mm height. Specimens were tested following immersion in water at 37°C for 24 hours, one week, one, three, and six months. Hardness of all samples was determined with a Shore-A durameter. ANOVA and Tukey HSD were used to analyze the data. Results: Results of this study indicated that the hardness of silicon-based soft liners were higher than acrylic-based liners and heat-polymerizing soft liners were harder than autopolymerizing ones. It was also determined that the hardness of soft lining materials increased with time, and the increase was higher in acrylic-based soft liners than in silicon-based soft liners; however, the increase in the autopolymerizing soft lining materials was rather high compared to the heat-polymerizing ones. Conclusion: All materials tested had a satisfactory hardness, although the hardness values were increased with time when samples were kept in water at 37°C.



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