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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2004
Volume 7 , Issue 1

Pages: 49 - 54

Osteosarcoma in Maxillofacial Area: A Clinicopathologic Study of 61 Cases

Jiang Li, DDS, MS, PhD/Ronggen He, DDS

Objective: To study the clinicopathology of osteosarcoma in maxillofacial region and compare its characteristics with the osteosarcoma of long bone. Methods: Clinical and histopathologic features of 61 cases of osteosarcoma in maxillofacial region were studied. Patients were recruited over 17 years from 1985-2001. Follow-up information and statistical data were also analyzed. Results: Of the 61 cases, the ratio of male to female was 1:1.26, with age range from 5 to 71 years. Twenty cases (32.8%) of osteosarcoma occurred in the maxilla and 35 cases (57.4%) in the mandible. Other sites involved the temporomandibular joint, and the zygomatic bone. Histological typing showed there were 34 cases (55.7%) of osteoblastic osteosarcoma, 10 cases (16.4%) of chondroblastic sarcoma, and 13 cases (21.3%) of fibroblastic osteosarcoma. Single cases of telangiectatic, intraosseous well-differentiated, round-cell and parosteal-type osteosarcomas were also presented. All tumors showed a common histological feature in that the neoplastic cells produced neoplastic bone. Follow-up information showed that the recurrence rate of the tumor was 39.1% (9/23) and lung metastasis rate was 8.7% (2/23). Conclusion: Osteosarcoma in the maxillofacial area most frequently occurred in the mandible. There was no significant gender predominance and the mean age was 39.8 years. Patients were approx. 10 years older than those suffering from tumor of the long bone. Osteoblastic osteosarcoma was the most frequently occurring histological subtype. The recurrence rate of the tumor was relatively high and lung metastasis rate was low. It appears that the maxillofacial area tumor had a better prognosis than osteosarcoma of long bone.



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