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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2003
Volume 6 , Issue 2

Pages: 35 - 38

Development of GI-II Tinted Infiltration Glass and Characterization of Its Properties

Yunmao Liao, Yukun Meng, Yonglie Cao, Gang He

Objective: To explore the manufacture of GI-II tinted infiltration glass and determine its properties. Material and Methods: The thermal properties of the glass were tested on a TMA2940 thermal analyzer at a heating rate of 5°C/min and temperature ratne of 25-750°C. Bar-shaped specimens were prepared, 25 mm x 5 mm x 2 mm in size, and their flexural strengths and elastic modulus were measured with a 3-point bending test. The Vicker’s hardness and indentation fracture toughness were also determined. The refractive index and changes in chemical constituents were measured with a V-prismatic refractometer and 2910 DTA analyzer. Results: The experiments showed that the coefficient of thermal expansion (cte), Tg and Tf, refractive index, 3-point bending flexural strength, elastic modulus, Vicker’s hardness, indentation fracture toughness and density were 6.997 x 10-6°c-1 (25-500°C), 635°C and 650°C, 1.64 MPa, 96.27 MPa, 31.16 GPa, 5.534 GPa, 1.05 MN • m1/2 and 3.214 g/cm3 respectively. Although certain heat processing conditions did result in microcrystals in the glass, it remained stable under routine glass infiltration firing cycles.



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