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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2003
Volume 6 , Issue 2

Pages: 20 - 24

The Relationship Between Osseointegration and Distribution of Collagen I and III in Peri-implant Tissue

Ping Gong, Lei Wang, Zhen Tan, Yang Song

Objective: To evaluate the function of collagen in osseointegration following bone remolding. Materials and Methods: The sirius-red and polarized microscope were used to investigate collagen types I and III around titanium implants, natural teeth and extraction sockets in rhesus macaques. Results: There were differences in the quantity and distribution of collagen in different locations in the bone-implant interface, but no differences in the same socket. The arrangement of collagen I was in a direction parallel to the surface of the implants. Dispersed collagen III was seen among the former and also near the cementum and proper alveolar bone. In the middle and lower parts of the periimplants, there was more collagen I and III than in other periodontal membranes. Conclusion: Collagen I and III have important biological and biomechanical functions in the regeneration of the periodontal ligament around the implant.



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