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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2002
Volume 5 , Issue 1

Pages: 16 - 21

Establishment and Characterization of a Cell Line from Brain Metastasis in Nude Mice Induced by Injection of Human Tongue Cancer Tca8113 Cells

Jun Zheng Wu/Zheng Qiang Situ/Bin Liu/Jian Yuan Chen/Feng Li/Yian Li/Yong Qing Jia/Jie Li/Hong Zhang

Objective: To establish and to characterize a cell line from distant organ metastasis in nude mice by injection of human tongue cancer Tca8113 cells through the tail vein. Methods: Tail vein injectin of cancer cells (5 X 105 for each mouse) and cell culture technique were employed to induce metastasis in a distant organ and to establish a cell line from the metastasis. Karyotype analysis, histopathological observation, cell counting, flow cytometry, cloning assay and metastasis assay in nude mice were used to study the biological characterisitics of the cells. Results: Suspected brain metastasis was observed in 1 out of 20 injected nude mice. The cells derived from the brain metastasis had been cultured for 3 years and transferred for more than 150 passages. The cells were proven to be of human squamous cell carcinoma by the morphology, histopathology, and karyotype. The cells were named Tb. The population-doubling time was 21.6 h and the S-phase cells were 29.7% of the total in cell cycle. The tumorgenicity of Tb cells was 10/10, cloning efficiency 35.7%, P53 and nm23-H1 protein expression 24.9% and 99.9% respectively. The metastatic foci on the lung surface induced by tail vein injection of Tb cells (2 X 105 for each mouse) were 73 41. Those of Tca8113 cells were 33.7 h, 25.9%, 10/10, 19.5%, 37.6%, 100% and 25 16 respectively. Conclusions: Tb is a cell line from brain metastasis in nude mouse induced by injection of human tongue cancer Tca8113 cells through the tail vein. The metastatic potential of Tb cells is stronger than that of parental Tca8113 cells.



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