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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2001
Volume 4 , Issue 1

Pages: 40 - 43

Construction of cDNA Library of Mouse Dental Germ

Shuping Gu, DDS, PhD/Junnan Shi, DDS/Hianjun Hao, PhD/Jian Fei, PhD/Lizhen Wang, MS/Zhen Liu, DDS/Mingzhen Xiao, DDS/Buling Wu, PhD

Objective: To establish a cDNA library of mouse dental germs. Method: First extraction of mRNA of mouse dental germs and synthesis of cDNA with reverse transcriptase were performed. The double strand cDNA library was titered and amplified with XL-1-blue as receptor bacterium and identified by polymerase chain reaction with 5 pairs of primer genes of mouse dental germ matrix proteins. Result: The titer of the unamplified library was 1.3 x 106 pfu, and the percentage of recombinant clones was 72%. The 5 known genes were contained in the library, the size of the fragments were 670 bp to 1900 bp. Conclusion: This library is available, with a high titer, recombinant percentage, and large insert fragments of genes.



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