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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2000
Volume 3 , Issue 4

Pages: 54 - 58

Evaluation of the New TAMZ Titanium Alloy for Dental Cast Application

Yu Mei Zhang, DDS, PhD/Tian Wen Guo, DDS/Zuo Chen Li, BD

Objective: To reveal the potential of the new titanium allow as dental prosthodontic materials. Methods: Dental castings of TAMZ alloy were investigated in the casting machine specially designed for titanium. A mesh pattern was used to count the castability value. The mechanical properties were measured by means of a universal testing machine. Optical micrography was done on the exposed cross-section of TAMZ alloy casting. From the surface to the inner part the Knoop hardness in reacted layer of TAMZ alloy casting was measured. The structure and elemental analyses of the reacted layer were made by SEM and element line scanning observation. Results: The castability value (Cv=98%) and the tensile test (sigmab=850 Mpa, sigma0.2=575 Mpa, delta=7.33%) data were collected. The castings microstructure showed main alpha phase and small beta phase. Knoop hardness in the surface reacted layer was greater than that in the inner part. From the SEM and element line scanning observation, there are three different layers in the surface reacted layer of the TAMZ alloy castings, and higher level of element of O, Al, Si and Zr were found in the reacted layer while the Si permeated deeper than others. Conclusion: TAMZ alloy can be accepted as a material for dental alloy in prosthodontics.



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