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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2000
Volume 3 , Issue 4

Pages: 26 - 34

Computer Assisted Quantitative Measurements by Three-Dimensional Images on Zygomatic Fracture Deformities

Dong Me He, DDS, MS/Yi Zhang, DDS, MS, PhD/Zhen Kang Zhang, DDS, FICD

Objective: To investigate an available method for quantitative diagnosis of zygomatic fractures that allow quantitative classification and diagnosis. Methods: The radiographs and 2- and 3-dimensional CT images of 57 patients with zygomatic fractures were measured and analyzed by a computer-assisted measuring system before and after treatment. This was used to diagnose the displacement and deformity of the fractures. Results: (1) Using anthropology points and a computer-assisted measuring system, a new method was established to assess the displacement of the zygomatic fractures. (2) Displacement of the zygomatic fractures was approximately diagnosed by measuring different angles of the CT images. (3) A new classification was proposed based on the deformities of the zygomatic fractures: Type A, zygomatic body was intact and not displaced; Type B, zygomatic body was intact but displaced (including comminuted zygomatic arch fractures); Type C, zygomatic body was comminuted and displaced. (4) There were 4 subtypes with characteristics in the most common Type B fractures (5) Different images had different advantages for diagnosing zygomatic fractures. Conclusions: (1) Displacement of the zygomatic fractures can be quantitatively diagnosed by measuring 3-D CT images. (2) The computer assisted 3-D CT measuring system is accurate, reliable, and clinically feasible for diagnosing zygomatic fractures. (3) The best image to diagnose the displacement of the fractures should be used.



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