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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2000
Volume 3 , Issue 4

Pages: 10 - 15

A Study of injectable Tissue-Engineered Autologous Cartilage

Wei Dong Yang, DDS, PhD/Shu Jun Chen, PhD/Tian Qiu Mao, DDS/Fu Lin Chen, DDS, PhD/De Lin Lei, DDS, PhD/Kai Tao, Phd/Li Hui Tang, DDS/Ming Gu Xiao, DDS, PhD

Objective: To test the effectiveness of the new techniques of tissue-engineered cartilage. Methods: Chondrocytes were harvested through type II collagenase digestion from the auricle of New Zealand rabbits. The cells were mixed with alginate to generate chondrocytes/alginate composites with final cellular density of 50 x 106 per mL. Calcium chloride was used as the cross-linking agent to ge the aqueous alginate solution. The chondrocytes/alginate composites were injected into the dorsal subcutaneous tissue of New Zealand rabbits through autologous cell grafts. The specimens were observed during cartilage formation at 4, 8, and 12 weeks after injection. Results: Prior to harvesting, chondrocytes/alginate composites were easily visualized under the dorsal skin of animals. The appearance of experimental specimens was similar to that of native cartilage in gross morphology. Using a standard hematocylin and eosin stain, the histologic features of all experimental specimens demonstrated new cartilage formation. With a Massonís trichrome and safranin O stain, the presence of collagen and glycosaminoglycan (GAG) was observed at 8 and 12 weeks. Conclusion: This study demonstrated that polymerization of alginate hydrogel can be controlled to allow injection of chondrocytes that produce new autologous cartilage at subcutaneous dorsal site of rabbits. Injectable tissue-engineered autologous cartilage is promising for potential use in oral and maxillofacial surgery.



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