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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2000
Volume 3 , Issue 3

Pages: 56 - 62

Leukoplakia and Angiopoiesis Resistance of Herba Erigerontis

Zengtong Zhou, DDS, PhD/Shuilong Zhang, DDS, PhD/Li Hua, DDS, MS/Wenjing Zhong, DDS, MS/Zhigui Jin

Objective: To evaluate the effects of Herba Erigerontis on angiopoiesis and carcinogenesis; to seek an effective drug for prevention of leukoplakia progression to carcinoma and to stop the mechanism of angiopoiesis. Methods: Carcinomatous conversions of golden hamster cheek pouches induced by Salley way and inhibited by Herba Erigerontis. Ink perfusion, analysis of images, resin cast form of micro-vessel, a-SMA detection and histopathological examination were applied to observe their changing patterns. Results: The rate of leukoplakia conversion to tumor of the Herba Erigerontis group was half that of model group. The proportion of normal cells was approximately 4 times greater than that of model. The a-SMA levels of the Herba Erigerontis treated group was higher than that of model (P<0.001). There was no significant difference between angeion vessel area and density (P>0.05) in these 2 groups, which were elevated compared to the control. Nevertheless, the resin casts of the microvasculature in the Herba Erigerontis group showed that its configuration and spatial arrangement was similar to the control group. Conclusions: Herba Erigerontis has the function of inhibiting leukoplakia progression to tumor. This may be due to tits ability to upregulate the expression of a-SMA. It has no obvious effect on angio-hyperplasia and expansion in the course of leukoplakia progression to tumor. However, it may preserve the angio-configuration and spatial arrangement and keep intact the angeion vessel wall. Its mechanism of promoting blood circulation may be through removing blood stasis and benign angiopoiesis so as to resist carcinogenesis.



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