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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 2000
Volume 3 , Issue 2

Pages: 44 - 48

A Study of Oral Health Condition in Individuals with No Oral Hygiene and its Association with Plaque Acidogenesis

Xue Jun Gao, BDS, MS, PhD/Dong Mei Deng, BDS, MS/Qui Ming Geng, BS

Objective: To study the association of long-term deposited plaque, due to lack of oral hygiene, with acidogenesis of the plaque bacteria. Methods: Seventy-seven subjects with poor oral hygiene were selected. Debris index (DI) and calculus index (CI) were recorded. Among them, 16 were DMFS>8, and comprised the caries active (CA) group; 27 were caries free, and comprised the caries free (CF) group. Plaque fluids in both groups were analyzed for organic acids, phosphate, and inorganic cations by use of capillary electrophoresis, while pH was measured by microelectrodes. Results: No difference was found on debris index (CF group measured 2.07-0.47, CA group measured 2.01-0.53) or calculus index (CF group measured 2.47-0.50, CA group measured 2.48-0.53) relative to carious status, although there was a positive relationship between DE and CI (r=0.52, P<0.001). The main finding in this study was that the quantity of lactic acid produced by sucrose exposure in these individuals with poor oral hygiene was much less (increased no more than 2 times, compared with content at rest) than in a previous report (increased 3 to 5 times, compared with content at rest) on subjects with good oral hygiene habits. Conclusion: Long-term deposited plaque due to lack of oral hygiene may have less cariogenic capability; although patientsí susceptibility to periodontal disease would increase.



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