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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 1999
Volume 2 , Issue 3

Pages: 84 - 92

The Orthodontic Treatment Need and Demand of Hong Kong Chinese Children

George Wang, DMD, MDS, Adv Dip Orth/Urban Hagg, DDS, Odont Dr/John Ling, BDS, PhD

Objective: To investigate the need and demand for orthotondic treatment of Chinese school children in Hong Kong. Methods: The material consisted of study csts and questionnaires collected from 765 randomly selected 12-year-old school children in Hong Kong. The need for orthodontic treatment was assessed by the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need, and questionnaires were used in assessing demand for orthodontic treatment. Results: The results indicate that 12% of the 12-year-old school childdren had no need of orthodontic treatment, 18% had little need (Grade 2), 33% moderate need (Grade 3), 33% great need (Grade 4), and 4% of children had very great need for orthodontic treatment (Grade 5). About two thirds of the children were not satisfied with their dental appearance, but ony 40% of these would like to have orthdontic treatment. A definite relationship was found between negative self-appraisal of dental appearance and demand for orthodontic treatment. Conclusion: The study demonstrates that the need of orthodontic treatment among Chinese children is similar to that of Caucasian children; the attitude and demand toward treatment are also similar. (CJDR 1999;2(3):84-92)



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