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The Chinese Journal of Dental Research
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Chinese Journal of Dental Research

Year 1998
Volume 1 , Issue 3

Pages: 35 - 37

Detection of the E7 Transform Gene of Human Papilloma Virus Type 16 in Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma


Objective: To determine, with the use of polymerase chain reaction, the prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV) 16 in 30 patgients with primary oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and 30 healthy control patients. Materials and Methods: DNA was extracted from freshly frozen tumor tissues of 30 patients with primary oral squamous cell carcinoma and from the oral mucosa of 30 controls. A pair of specific primers of the E7 early gene of HPV 16 were designed. PCR products were run by 1.5% agarose gel and the results of electrophoresis were photographed. Results: HPV 16 was detected in 36.7% (11/30) of oral squamous cell carcinoma patients and 11.1% (4/30) of controls. Conclusions: HPV 16 has a significant association with oral squamous cell carcinoma. However, the role HPV 16 plays in the tumorigenesis of oral cancer and its clinical significance remain to be investigated.



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