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The International Journal of Adult Orthodontics & Orthogathic Surgery
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The International Journal of Adult Orthodontics & Orthognathic Surgery The International Journal of Adult Orthodontics & Orthognathic Surgery

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The International Journal of Adult Orthodontics & Orthognathic Surgery
Year 2000
Volume 15 , Issue 4

Table of Contents:

1 . Soft to hard tissue movement ratios: Orthognathic surgery in a Hispanic population

Danielle Clemente-Panichella, DDS/Sam Suzuki, MS, MBA/George J. Cisneros, DDS, MMSc


2 . Three-dimensional virtual reality surgical planning and simulation workbench for orthognathic surgery

James Xia, MD, DDS, PhD, MIEEE/Nabil Samman, FRCS, FDSRCS/Richie Wai Kit Yeung, FRCS, FRACDS/Steve Guofang Shen, MD, DDS/Dongfeng Wang, BS, MS, PhD/Horace Ho Shing Ip, BSc, PhD/Henk Tideman, MD, PhD, DDS, FRACDS, FHKAM


3 . Introduction of vario plates for retention after mandibular distraction osteogenesis

Rainer Schwestka-Polly, Dr med dent/Liliam Gripp-Rudolph, Dr med dent/Ulrike Grohmann, Dipl-Chem, Dr med dent/Hans-Albert Merten, Dr med, Dr med dent


4 . Cephalometric assessment of sagittal jaw base relationship prior to orthognathic surgery: The role of anterior cranial base inclination

Thies H. Jünger, MD, DDS/Sabine Ruf, DDS/Joerg Eisfeld, PhD/Hans-Peter Howaldt, MD, DDS


5 . An algorithm for determination of ideal location of interdental osteotomies in presurgical orthodontic treatment planning

Alan S. Herford, DDS, MD/John Paul Stella, DDS


6 . The predictability of inferior medial canthus as a stable external vertical reference point in maxillary repositioning surgery

Nadejda Stefanova, DMD/John Paul Stella, DDS


7 . Long-term dentofacial stability after bimaxillary surgery in skeletal Class III open bite patients

Marlon A. Moldez, DMD/Junji Sugawara, DDS, PhD/Mikako Umemori, DDS, PhD/Hideo Mitani, DDS, MS, PhD/Hiroshi Kawamura, DDS, PhD


8 . Comparison of microbial composition in the subgingival plaque of adult crowded versus non-crowded dental regions

Chun-Hsi Chung, DMD, MS/Robert L. Vanarsdall, DDS/Elisabetta Ada Cavalcanti, DMD/Jill S. Baldinger, DMD/Chern-Hsiung Lai, DMD, PhD


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