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The International Journal of Adult Orthodontics & Orthogathic Surgery
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International Journal of Adult Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery

Year 1999
Volume 14 , Issue 3

Pages: 236 - 242

Use of articulators in the United Kingdom by consultant orthodontists in planning orthognathic surgery

Adrian M. O’Malley, BDS, MdentSci, FDSRCS, M OrthRCS/Alex Milosevic, BDS, PhD, FDSRCS, DRDRCS

This questionnaire survey aimed to investigate articulator use in orthognathic surgical planning by consultant specialists in the United Kingdom (UK). A total of 205 questionnaires was sent to all consultant orthodontists in the UK. One hundred thirty questionnaires were completed, representing a 63.4% response rate. Consultants had been in their post for a median of 10.5 years (range 0 to 30 years) with a mean of 11.3 (SD 8.4) surgical cases per year. When asked which cases had been planned on a semiadjustable articulator, two-thirds of consultants (67.7%) planned maxillary single-jaw procedures, 45.4% planned mandibular single-jaw procedures, and 77.7% planned bimaxillary procedures. While 98.5% of consultants reported access to at least one type of articulator, 14.6% of maxillary single-jaw and 5.4% of bimaxillary surgery was not planned on any articulator. Twice as many consultants who had been in post fewer than 11 years had been trained on a semiadjustable articulator, compared to those who had more than 11 years of experience. Semiadjustable articulators were the most popular for planning orthognathic surgery. Consultants with less than 11 years of experience completed more surgical cases each year and were more likely to have been trained on a semiadjustable articulator than consultants with more than 11 years of experience. However, no link exists between the age of the consultant and the type articulators are selected for planning; this suggests that more mature consultants have received further training on contemporary articulator systems since receiving their accreditation.


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