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The International Journal of Adult Orthodontics & Orthogathic Surgery
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International Journal of Adult Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery

Year 1998
Volume 13 , Issue 4

Pages: 289 - 298

Anterior-inferior mandibular osteotomy in treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

Krekmanov/Andersson/Ringqvist/Wilhelmsson/Walker-Engstrom/ Tegelberg/Ringqvist

In a prospective randomized study on treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, anterior-inferior mandibular osteotomy with the purpose of stretching the suprahyoidal muscles was performed as one of the treatment methods. Ten men aged 20 to 65 years, without cardiovascular or neurologic disease, with normal maxillomandibular relation, and having an apnea index between 5 and 25 were included in the study. After a specially designed osteotomy of the chin, the anterior suprahyoidal muscles were detached, stretched approximately 10 to 12 mm, and sutured. The chin was then placed in its original position and post-operative evaluation was performed. Although there were initial reports of decreased daytime sleepiness and less snoring after surgery, the results after 12 months were discouraging. Somnographic registration (apnea index, apnea/hypopnea index, and oxygen desaturation index) as well as cephalometric analysis failed to show positive results. Hence, suspension of the suprahyoidal muscles as a method of treatment for obstructive sleep apena syndrome cannot be recommended.


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