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The International Journal of Adult Orthodontics & Orthogathic Surgery
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International Journal of Adult Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery

Year 1987
Volume 2 , Issue 4

Pages: 185 - 192

Minimizing the risk of transfusion in orthognathic surgery: use of predeposited autologous blood

Heglvedt/Collins/White, Jr./Turvey

The records of 278 patients undergoing orthognathic surgery at the North Carolina Memorial Hospital from January 1985 through April 1987 were examined to determine the impact of our autologous blood program. Patients (95) who predeposited autologous blood and patients (183) who did not w ere characterized by surgical procedrues, blood loss in surgery, operating time, pre- and postoperative hematocrit, and the time and location of transfusion. Thirty-four percent (95/278) of all patients predeposited blood; 39% (37/95) of these were transfused. Forty-one percent (43/106) of all predeposited units were returned to their donors either during surgery or in the postoperative period. Sixty-six percent (183/278) of all patients did not predeposit. Ten of these patients who did not donate received a total of 18 units of homologous blood. Thirty percent (47/155) of patients having surgery involving the maxilla were transfused. Those having two-jaw surgery were the most frequently transfused (43%, 41/9 5). None of 123 patients undergoing only mandibular procedures received blood. The percentage of patients predepositing for maxillary surgery has increased from 23% (17/73) in 1985 to 100% (23/23) in the first third of 1987. The percentage of patients predepositing for two-jaw cases has gone from 36% (11/31) in 1985 to 100% (17/17). Autologous predeposit has eliminated transfusion of homologous blood in patients undergoing orthognathic surgery at our institution.


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