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Mucogingival Esthetic Surgery

Zucchelli, Giovanni

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This beautifully illustrated book explains the art and science of esthetic surgical techniques on the mucogingiva around natural teeth and implants. The author draws upon his extensive experience to show readers how to diagnose and treat mucogingival defects, with detailed coverage of the diagnosis of and the surgical options for covering varying degrees of gingival recession. The text features protocols for the treatment and preparation of root caries and noncarious lesions as well as the surgical procedures to cover exposed root surfaces and increase the volume of the affected gingiva. Throughout, the author places special emphasis on minimizing patient recovery time and postoperative discomfort while achieving the patientís esthetic goals to the best extent possible. This comprehensive volume is a must-read for those seeking to learn or refine mucogingival surgery techniques.

830 pp (approx); 2,000+ color illus;
ISBN 978-88-7492-171-3, 9788874921713

1. Mucogingival Esthetic Surgery
2. Diagnosis of Mucogingival Defects
3. Etiology of Gingival Recession
4. Pathogenesis of Gingival Recession
5. Prognosis of Gingival Recession
6. Difficulties with Diagnosis and Prognosis of Gingival Recession
7. Predetermining Root Coverage
8. Indications for Treatment of Gingival Recession
9. Root Coverage Surgical Techniques
10. Factors Influencing Choice of Surgical Technique for Root Coverage
11. Choice of Surgical Technique
12. Causal Therapy of Patients Prior to Mucogingival Surgery
13. Treatment of Root Surface
14. Amelogenins in Mucogingival Surgery
15. Treating Gingival Clefts
16. Treating Caries and Noncarious Cervical Lesions in Association with Gingival Recession Defects
17. Coronally Advanced Flap with Releasing Incisions
18. The Coronally Advanced Laterally Moved Flap
19. Free Gingival Grafts
20. Two-Step Techniques
21. Techniques for Harvesting Connective Tissue Grafts
22. Bilaminar Techniques for Single Recession Defects
23. Bilaminar Techniques for Multiple Recession Defects
24. Coronally Advanced Envelope Flap for Multiple Recession Defects
25. Coronally Advanced Flap and Connective Tissue Graft for Multiple Recession Defects: Multiple Bilaminar Envelope
26. Combined Technique for Multiple Recession Defects
27. Restorative-Periodontal Treatment of Multiple Recession Defects
28. Complex Clinical Cases
29. Altered Passive Eruption
30. Postsurgical Medication and Oral Hygiene for Patients Undergoing Mucogingival Surgery
31. Surgical Instrumentation
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