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Implant Therapy: Volume 1, The Integrated Treatment Plan

Merli, Mauro

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The current emphasis on patient-centered medicine necessitates revision of the diagnostic and therapeutic process toward an integrated treatment plan that promotes collaboration among the specialties as well as the patientís active participation. This text describes how to implement such a treatment plan for patients requiring implant treatment in an area of esthetic and/or functional interest. It begins by assessing the potential risk factors, then delves into the process of constructing a diagnosis, and then describes stepwise many of the surgical procedures currently in use. Also provided are laminated decision-making algorithms, most with illustrations, for situations such as an atrophic posterior maxilla, immediate or early implant placement, horizontal and vertical bone defects, and soft tissue management in implant surgery.

792 pp; 1,560 illus; (mostly color);

ISBN: 978-88-7492-170-6; 9788874921706;


1 The Integrated Treatment Plan
2 Systemic Risk Factors
3 Local Risk Factors
4 Integrated Diagnosis
5 Presurgical Preparation
6 Postextraction Socket Implant Placement and Timing
7 Surgical Alternatives to Bone Reconstruction Procedures
8 Bone Defect Reconstruction: Autologous Bone and Autologous Bone Substitutes
9 Maxillary Sinus Surgery
10 Reconstruction of Horizontal, Vertical, and Combined Bone Defects
11 Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Management
12 Peri-Implant Plastic Surgery

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