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The Face: Pictorial Atlas of Clinical Anatomy, Second Edition

Radlanski, Ralf J. and Wesker, Karl H.

Price: $178.00

This book features elaborate composite illustrations created in layers, starting from the skeleton and working out to the surface of the skin. CT scans are used for the skeletal template, MRI series depict the inner layers of the facial region, angiographs report the anatomy of the blood vessels, and photographs of anatomical specimens as well as a living model fill out the rest. The final products are anatomical images of hyper 3D clarity and arresting beauty. Significant landmarks, anatomical details, and clinically relevant groupings of nerves and blood vessels are the primary focus of each image series to preserve clinical relevance.

354 pp; 406 color illus;
ISBN: 978-1-85097-289-1


1. The Face
2. The Orbital Region
3. The Nasal and Midfacial Region
4. The Mouth
5. The Ear
6. The Skin and Aging of the Face


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