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No. 1C-J. Chen, P. Papaspyridakos
Tainan, Taiwan & Boston, MA

Full-Arch Implant Fixed Prostheses: A Comparative Study on the Effect of Connection Type and Impression Technique on Accuracy to Fit

No. 2P. Felice, C. Barausse, R. Pistilli, G. Iezzi, A. Piattelli, U. Nannmark, M. Simion
Bologna, Italy; Rome, Italy; Chieti, Italy; Gothenburg, Sweden & Milan, Italy

Interpositional Augmentation Technique in the Treatment of Posterior Mandibular Atrophies: A Retrospective Study Comparing Autogenous and Heterologous Bone Blocks on 115 Patients with a 4.2-Year Mean Follow-Up

No. 3V. Ruiz-Magaz, A. Santos-Alemany, F. Hernandez-Alfaro, J. Nart
Barcelona, Spain

Efficacy of Adjunctive Er,Cr:YSGG Laser Application Following Scaling and Root Planing in Periodontally Diseased Patients

No. 4J. Wang, P. Chen, M. Chou, R. Chen, M. Masoud, H. Kim-Berman, G. Intini
Ann Arbor, MI & Boston, MA

Integrated Augmentation and Implant Therapy for Accelerated Adult Orthodontics—Proof of Principle Case Series

No. 5R. Apponi, Al. Agnini, An. Agnini, M. Salama
Emilia-Romagna, Italy & Atlanta, GA

A Novel Digital Protocol to Replicate the Pre- Implant Soft Tissue and Emergence Profile

No. 6M. Almogahwi, L. Soltani, S. Oshman, J. Ricci, E. El Chaar
New York, NY

Decontamination of the Infected Implant Surface: A Scanning Electron Microscope Study

No. 7A. Prudenti, L. Cooper, L. Culp
Chapel Hill, NC & Chicago, IL

Digital Planning and Construction of an Implant-Supported Removable Dentoalveolar Prosthesis (ISRDP) for Full-Arch Restoration

No. 8G. Serna, R. Neria
Mexico City, Mexico

Periodontal and Prosthetic Decision-Making for an Implant-Supported Rehabilitation in a Reduced Periodontium: Clinical Case

No. 9J. Watahiki, M. Watahiki
Tokyo, Japan

Periodontal Regenerative Therapy, Including PAOO, in Orthodontic Treatment and New Decision-Making Methods

No. 10C. Peron, G. Romanos
Turin, Italy & Stony Brook, NY

Immediate Placement and Occlusal Loading of Single-Tooth Restorations on Partially Threaded, Hybrid Dental Implants: 2-Year Results

No. 11S. Bassir, M. Alhareky, B. Wangsirmongkol, Y. Jia, N. Karimbux
Boston, MA

Soft Tissue, Hard Tissue, and Patient-Centered Outcomes of Alveolar Ridge Preservation: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

No. 12G. Durstberger, J. Freudenthaler
Vienna, Austria

Interdisciplinary Dental Rehabilitation in a Patient Suffering from Severe Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis: 16-Year Follow-Up

No. 13C. Fu, H-B. Wen
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Experimental Peri-Implantitis in Dogs: Bone Loss, Histopathology, and Microbiology

No. 14K-M Lin, H-B. Wen, D. Responte, O. Ortiz, R. Sanchez
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Comparative Fatigue, Insertion Torque, and Torsional Yield Strength Properties of Narrow- Diameter Implants

No. 15F. Luongo, F. Mangano, G. Luongo
Rome, Italy & Varese, Italy

Custom-Made Bone Regeneration Using Virtual Planning and Synthetic Biomaterials

No. 16I. Dragan, N. Karimbux, M. Caramida
Boston, MA

A Clinical Case Report to Evaluate Omega-3 Wound in a Gingival Soft Tissue Augmentation Procedure

No. 17L. Holtzman, K. Lei, B. Steffensen, C. Hawley, M. Finkelman, W. Cheung
Boston, MA

Acellular Dermal Matrix Combined with Coronally Advanced Flap in the Treatment of Multiple Recession Defects in Thin Versus Thick Periodontal Biotype Population: A Controlled Clinical Investigation

No. 18Z. Natto, A. Paraschis, B. Steffensen, R. Granguly, M. Finkelman, N. Jeong
Boston, MA

Effect of Mucograft Seal on Post-Extraction Ridge Preservation Using Bone Allograft: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial and Radiographic Evaluation

No. 19M. Invernici, F. Furlaneto, M. Taba, S. Souza, D. Palioto, M. Nagata, A. Novaes, M. Messora
São Paulo, Brazil

Clinical Effects of the Probiotic Bifidobacterium as an Adjunct to Nonsurgical Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis: A Preliminary Randomized Controlled Trial

No. 20A. Cervantes, R. Neria
Mexico City, Mexico

Soft Tissue Management in Esthetic Zone Implantologic Treatment

No. 21D. Ehara, K. Makigusa, K. Yasuda, I. Toda, A. Takemura
Osaka, Japan

The Effects of Platform Switching on the Micro-Vasculature of the Soft Tissue Around Implants in the Anterior Region of the Maxilla: A Comparative Study in Monkeys

No. 22F. Isaia, C. Hawley, R. Gyurko
Boston, MA

The Root Coverage Esthetic Score: Intra- Examiner Reliability Among Students and Faculty at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

No. 23Y-S. Cho, J-Y. Jeon, G-U. Jung, C-J. Park, H. Sarmiento, J. Fiorellini
New York, NY & Philadelphia, PA

Radiological Comparative Analysis Between Saline and Venous Blood Filling After Hydraulic Lifting of Sinus Membrane Without Bone Graft: A Randomized Case-Control Study

No. 24A. Tripodakis
Athens, Greece

Five-Year Volumetric Evaluation of Periodontally Compromised Sites, Restored by Immediate Implant Restorations

No. 25A. Hotchandani, M. Lagoudis, A. Boateng, W. Wang, K. Cinarli, T. Suzuki, M. Bloom, S. Froum, S-C. Cho
New York, NY

Sequential Treatment of Maxillary Full-Arch Restoration Utilizing Incisive Canal Implant While Maintaining Hopeless Anterior Teeth— Case Series

No. 26A. Seguel, C-W. Yeh, E. Paroutoglou, L. Ceballos, T. Hafez, G-H. Hu, P. Yu, M. Kang, S. Froum, S-C. Cho
New York, NY

Inter-Implant and Inter-Proximal Papilla Regeneration Utilizing Maxillary Tuberosity Tissue—Case Series

No. 27M. Katafuchi, B. Weinstein, B. Leroux, Y-W. Chen, D. Dixon, D. Daubert
Seattle, WA

Implant-Supported Restoration Contour as a Risk Indicator of Peri-Implantitis – A Cross- Sectional Radiographic Analysis

No. 28M. Perelli, R. Abundo, G. Corrente, C. Saccone, H. Sarmiento, J. Fiorellini
New York, NY & Philadelphia, PA

The Long-Term Evaluation of Short Threaded Implants in the Posterior Mandible and Maxilla: Delayed Versus Immediate Loading

No. 29A. Kotsani, C. Chatzinikolaou, I. Vrotsos, P. Madianos
Athens, Greece

Full-Mouth Oral Rehabilitation Correcting Class III Malocclusion in a Case of a Patient with Moderate Chronic Periodontitis: A Clinical Report

No. 30G. Mendoza
Lima, Peru

Assessment of Marginal Peri-Implant Bone- Level Short-Length Implants Compared to Standard Implants Supporting Single Crowns in a Controlled Clinical Trial: 12-Month Follow-Up

No. 31S. Dovigo
Noventa Vincentina, Italy

A New Instant-Loading Technique

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