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22nd International Symposium on Ceramics 

Esthetic Masters at the Forefront
Los Angeles • June 6–8, 2008

The 22nd ISC was attended by nearly 1,200 participants and was a smashing success. For those who missed the opportunity to attend, DVDs of many of the sessions are now available for purchase. Each high-quality DVD contains one 45- to 60-minute lecture presented by one of the featured speakers


1–3 DVDs                  US $68 each
4–9 DVDs                  US $56 each
10–17 DVDs              US $52 each

More information about each DVD is available by clicking on the title. When you add the product to the shopping cart, the regular price will appear. We will adjust the price in our office before you are charged.

C6002 • Eric Van Dooren • New Developments in Zirconium Implants: When Design Meets Biology and Esthetics

C6003 • Mauro Fradeani • Full-Mouth Rehabilitations: Criteria for Success

C6004 • Ariel J. Raigrodski • Zirconium-Based Restorations: Clinical and Laboratory Considerations

C6005 • Henry I. Nichols • Practical Solutions for Transitioning Implants with Complex Treatment

C6006 • Michel Magne • The Harmonic Basis of Esthetic Dentistry

C6007 • Matthew Roberts • Blending Crowns and Veneers in Extensive Esthetic Cases

C6008 • Aki Yoshida • All-Ceramic Restorations: Material Selection and Opacity Control for Esthetically Superior Results

C6009 • Edward A. McLaren • Ceramic Artistry—Man vs Machine: A Ceramic War

C6010 • Berhnard Egger • Ceramic Material Variations: Indications, Limitations, and Esthetic Potential

C6012 • Naoki Aiba • Dentscape: Long-Distance Communication Techniques for Successful Esthetics

C6013 • Larry Benge/Russell Young • The Team Approach to Complex Dental Rehabilitations: Utilizing Dental Zirconium Technology

C6014 • Yoshimi Nishimura • The Essence of Form

C6015 • Daniel Edelhoff • Update on All-Ceramic Fixed Partial Dentures

C6016 • Thomas F. Trinkner • The Use of Different Treatment Options for Discolored Teeth

C6017 • Domenico Massironi • Precision Tooth Preparation

C6018 • Robert R. Winter • An Esthetic Dilemma: Restoration of Discolored or Metallic Tooth Substrates

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